Success Stories

What employers are saying...

Lorena Escobar

Your offer of professional input on the wording of my ad was extremely helpful and made the job much more attractive. Now that I am once again in need of a Nurse Practitioner, you were the first ones that came to mind, and that is without a doubt because of my last experience with you.

Lorena Escobar, Administrator
Escobar Rural Health Clinic

Mary Gregory

A very reasonable cost for the quality of advertising provided. I used your services to advertise a Nurse Practitioner position in our company’s health clinic. Thanks to you we filled the position in no time!

Mary Gregory, VP of Human Resources
Willow Health Care, Inc.

Chad Rudel

I have posted several positions on your site in the past year and have been very impressed with the quality of candidates presented to me and the timely manner in which they were presented. The results have been great! To date, we have had several interviews as well as a hire. I have continued to post positions and would not hesitate to recommend your site and services to anyone....

Chad Rudel, Director of Recruiting
Reed Medical Solutions, LLC

Martin Rosenfeld

Your service is excellent. It expands my candidate pool exponentially.

Martin Rosenfeld
Michigan Neurology Associates, PC

Jim Mills

Very fast response to an ad placed only yesterday.

Jim Mills
Bone and Joint Associates, LLP

Barry Hale

Posted an ad yesterday - Got two candidates today..... Good Deal

Barry Hale
Quinco Mental Health Centers

Mary Heinzen

This was my first time using iHire and within a few days I received four suitable applicants. I am hoping we are able to hire someone, but it is great to have candidates to select from.

Mary Heinzen
Hardeman County Community Health Center

Forrest Wallace

....To start with we set the qualifications high on the assumption we might have to compromise later on. On the third day we received a resume on an individual whose background appeared to good to be true. We employed him the following month.

Forrest Wallace, President

Raul Recarey

I am very happy with the results obtained through your service and hope none of our competitors finds out about you!

Raul Recarey
Acordia Wells Fargo

Stephen Young

As a first time user of your web site, I found it to be very helpful in our efforts to recruit the perfect candidate. It is a much better alternative to print ads in medical journals; it’s easy, and you receive prompt responses. I will definitely use your site in the future and recommend it to any medical practice.

Stephen Young, Administrative Director
Dr. Phillips Medical Center

John Nelson

I have been very pleased at the response and quality of the applicants from your service.

John Nelson, Adminstrator
Heart Center of North Texas

Sharon Stern

I received a response to my ad within 4 hours.

Sharon Stern